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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'Greening' your beauty routine

'Au naturale' has a whole new meaning around here! 

After more than a year of 'living with less', I have definitely had my share of successes/failures in the DIY department.  Lately however, I have been enjoying some positive results in the beauty/hygiene department that I thought I should share.
  1. Using Aloe Vera juice as a skin toner - This one is oh-so-simple and really inexpensive (compared with the toners that I have previously used).  You can find Aloe Vera Juice at most health food stores and once opened it can be stored in the fridge for quite a while.  Just soak a cotton ball twice daily and apply to clean skin.  It feels oh so refreshing and soothing!
  2. Using Cinnamon as blemish treatment - This is my latest discovery.  If you are like me and lucky enough to be experiencing late-onset acne (yahoo!), one of the things that I have found to work really well for spot blemish treatments is cinnamon.  Just make it into a paste with water and apply directly to the blemish.  It works amazingly fast and you will feel it start to burn/tingle.  Don't worry, this is what it is supposed to feel like as it brings fresh blood to the skins surface which helps to heal the blemish and get rid of the bacteria that caused the little bugger.  Leave on for about one minute and rinse with water.  One more thing - take care to apply only to the blemish itself and not the surrounding skin, a Q-tip can be helpful for this.
  3. Using Tea Tree Oil as a deodorant - I have had many people ask me what I have done to replace the deodorant in my life and the truth is, normally I just go stinky... cough, I mean, 'au naturale'.  The truth is, sometimes I have noticed that I don't smell as fresh as I could, especially after a yoga practice or a lively dance session with my son.  So, I have taken to applying tea tree oil to my underarms in the am or whenever I need a 'refresher'.  It works amazingly well.  It won't help you stop sweating (you are supposed to sweat, remember?), but it will keep any unwanted odors at bay.  Just use a cotton ball to apply and of course, discontinue if it irritates the skin (I have been lucky and this hasn't been a problem for me)
  4. Neti pot, neti pot, neti pot!!! - I am prone to sinus infections and after suffering through 6-8 weeks of cold/flu season the fact that I made it through without one is some kind of Christmas miracle (and yes, this expression is STILL in my vocabulary from December).  I would like to say that I credit this feat with my superior meditation/affirmation skills, however I firmly believe that my daily Neti pot practice has something to do with it.  After all, this 'technology' has been around for centuries, maybe even milennia.  If you haven't tried one yet, DO!  They work amazingly well. 
If you have any questions about any of the above, lemme know and I am at your service.  Otherwise, happy beautifying!


PS.  Marebare or any of her necessities cannot be held responsible for the results that you may encounter while trying any of the above practices (unless of course they are positive results and then I am more than happy to accept full responsibility!)

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