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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A lot of randomness...

What do you mean it's March 10th!?  I am really not sure where the past two weeks went, but I do know that my 'timewarp' began with a visit to a Psychic/Healer a few weekends ago...  Since then, I have been so busy processing what went on there that I almost forgot completely about my blog!

Alas, my 'bliss' is starting to slightly wear off (although I maintain that I am forever changed from the experience), and it is time once again to talk about 'earthly' matters.

1. Earth Hour

To me, Earth Hour is a cool reason to sit by candlelight, chat with your friends, eat great snacks and oh, SAVE THE PLANET!  I know it sounds dramatic, but by simply bringing the fact that the planet needs some healing into our consciousness we are indeed beginning to do just that!  So get together some friends and celebrate this great planet (and our HOME)!!!

2. Another depressingly sobering list

I am a big fan of lists... here is one that I came across today thanks to Verge Permaculture...

7 Foods So Unsafe Even Farmers Won't Eat Them:

  • Canned Tomatoes - Reason: extra-high BPA content
  • Corn-Fed Beef - Reason: Cows aren't even supposed to eat corn - duh! Oh, and by making them do so substantially reduces the nutritional content.
  • Microwave Popcorn - Reason: PFOA in the bag... doesn't sound too good does it?  Well, it isn't!
  • Potatoes - Reason: LOADED with chemicals.
  • Farmed Salmon - Reason: PCB's, DDT and yes, even more chemicals.
  • Milk with Artifical Hormones - we've talked about this before...
  • Apples - Again, we've talked about this before.
One more little 'Marebare' fact: I have been making the transformation into full-on vegetarianism... Hurrah!  I feel FANTASTIC!  Oh, and in case you were wondering, my husband is less than thrilled.

Thank you SOOOOO much to the three special ladies who played the 'name the plant' game - I love the names that you came up with and my plants do too!

How's that for some randomness squashed together into one post?!

Here's to Spring!
Marebare :)