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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trying to light, heck, to FIND my creative spirit

I like to think that I live with purpose... at least to the highest degree possible.   When the blog was a 'project' (and hence, had a purpose)... the words came freely, the topics jumped into my head and the entries flowed easily onto the screen.  Now that the 'project' is complete, the blog has ceased to fulfill a specific purpose and as such, the entries have been few and far between and to my way of thinking, lacking any real substance or 'spark' of enthusiasm.  Over the past months, I have had loyal readers encourage me to keep going, but as of yet, I have lacked the motivation to do so. 

Recently, (and oh so recurringly and in the funniest of ways), it has come to my attention that writing is widely considered a creative act: one that can be and is often engaged in just for the joy of doing so (gasp!).  To date, I have had little experience writing 'just for the heck of it', but it is becoming increasingly clear to me that it might be an important thing for me to do. 

With my disheveled, shocked, and still-slightly-comatose creative spirit in mind, it is with great pleasure that I offer you the reader: no promises about topics, content, substance, themes or even frequency of entries from here on.  I am truly going to commit to letting my creative mind/spirit 'run wild'... A scary notion for me (and likely for you) indeed, but it is on the edge of fear and discomfort you are able to GROW. 

Join me in this journey if you wish, adios and many thanks if you choose not to...

As always, I am happy to receive your thoughts and comments along the way and will do my best to reply...

To new beginnings,



  1. Way to seize the day. Looking forward to what happens next. Deanne

  2. @EcoCatLady; Yes, I have missed you too! I will have to check out your blog... I am getting back in the game!

    @Deanne: Thanks the the pep talk (aka @ss kicking!) I owe you one! (or five, or ten)! Love!