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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Indulging the senses... all five of them

Yesterday I had my first 'artists date'... which is actually a date with myself because, you know, I'm an artist.  We all are actually.  Thanks to my friend Wendy's recommendation, I am reading 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron and let me tell you, it is already changing the way that I view myself in the world.  Like for starters, thinking of myself as an artist... that is an entirely new and foreign concept to me.  Admirer of 'real' artists maybe, but not an artist myself.

The first part of my date took place at the Devonian Botanic Gardens, a beautiful spot located only about 25 minutes from my house that I haven't visited since I was seven!  I actually don't even remember what they were like back then however, given the fact that I drive by the gardens semi-regularly, they have been on my 'to-do' list for some time.

It turns out that I chose well... my visit was literally a feast for the senses.  This didn't occur to me at first, as my intention was to merely appeal to my visual sense... I brought my camera along to 'capture' anything that inspired me.  I wasn't disappointed and took 140 pictures throughout my visit.  Here are but a few of my faves...

After my initial picture-taking frenzy as I bounced from one flower/plant to the next, it began to occur to me that my other senses were being stimulated as well.  To some degree, this is deliberate because the garden has a 'sensory' garden display, with plants that you can taste and smell.  For me, this display served as a great reminder to feel and be open to experiences coming in through all of my senses causing me to literally spend the next hour delighting in the sights, sounds and smells of the garden.  Talk about being present!

I finished my visit with a maple nut ice cream purchased from the garden cafe... I wanted to stay 'on theme' after all, and I wasn't disappointed with the indulgence. 

Ahhh, and so ends a great date.  But wait!  I missed a sense didn't I?  If you didn't notice, tsk tsk... that is Grade 1 Science people!


Well folks, I am not much of a 'toucher'.  There it is.  I said it.  Publicly.  I don't really love to touch or be touched and I know, I know, it's not 'normal'.  I am working on it though.  So, in the name of 'working on it' I finished my sensory extravaganza with an hour long massage.  And no, it wasn't at the gardens silly.  My friend Jill had booked me in to a spa for my birthday.  Gotta love that girl.  Hint, hint... this is an example of what a real friend might give you for a gift... ahem.

The thing is.... (drum roll please) I actually liked it.  I must be making some serious progress because after the initial 15 minutes or so when my mind was racing and repeatedly telling me how awkward/personal/uncomfortable it was, it eventually SHUT UP and allowed me to enjoy the last 45 minutes.  Rad.

Here's to the senses and my gratitude for having access to all of them...



  1. Isn't it though? ...Especially knowing what you know about me/my family ;)