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Friday, June 15, 2012

Living Your Dreams

I have known for a long time that I wanted to work with people.  As a kid, my career ambitions included: Doctor, Teacher, Counselling Psychologist, Hairdresser (the world is grateful that this one didn't work out!) and Marine Biologist - okay, so mostly I wanted to work with people and maybe a few ocean critters on the side.

This wide variety of desired occupations has led me through a veritable mishmash of University courses and varying life experiences.  In fairness, I did explore each of the above avenues (well, except the hairdresser one, and like I said, this is a really good thing!)  I spent a few years in Uni as a pre-med student, eventually graduating with a degree in Psychology, I went back a few years later and did both a B.Ed. and an M.Ed.  And, for the record I did take a course in Marine Biology, but hello, I live on the PRAIRIE which is a loooong way from the ocean!  So, after briefly considering a move out west, I abandoned that ship (pardon the pun).

So... here I am.  I don't currently work in any of those fields.  Not really anyway.  I think that I would have enjoyed working as either a teacher or an educational consultant except for the fact that I got pregnant before I ever got the chance.  I knew that I wanted to be home as much as possible with Chephren, so I have been working part-time from home ever since.

For the past three years, my 'career' has consisted of some consulting on the side, teaching yoga and more recently, facilitating some yoga retreats as part of the Essential Life Series in Nordegg, AB.  All of these experiences have been wonderful, but I knew that something was still missing.

Of all of the paths that I have been on, I have probably felt the most passionate about Psychology - except that I knew that it wasn't quite the best fit for me.  I value the profession, and all of the people who work in this field, but it just didn't resonate with me 100%.  And why settle for less, right?

In December/January of this past year, I participated in the Receiving Project - facilitated by the brilliant and inspiring Intuitive Coach Jo Anna Rothman.  As part of the Receiving Project, Jo Anna offers participants a free coaching session and without hesitating, I signed up right there and then.

When I had my session with her in February, I went in without knowing what to expect and I was surprised when I spent the whole session with her grilling her about how to get started into the coaching world.  For some reason, I just knew that I had finally found what I was looking for.

Now, 5 months later, I have started my own coaching business.  Want to know what it is all about?  Please take a look at my website.

While you are there, you might want to check out and/or register for the FIERCE Integrity Project.  It is something that I have working on in for the past few months and brings in a lot of the teachings/philosophies that I have been writing about here at MareBare Necessities.

Today, I am one step closer to Living My Dream.  Do you have a dream?  Are you living it?  If not, what's in the way?!

Get out there - today is all we really have for sure!

With my sincerest love and appreciation for your support on this journey,

MareBare xoxo