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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grow-op update

From Seedlings...

To Saplings... (is that what they're called?)

And for a more 'complete' view (for you Jaime)

You can't really tell, but they are under a grow light and also in front of a south-facing window.  The only thing that I have moved outside so far is the broccoli (which likes the cold and is doing just fine so far)... although we have snow forecasted so we'll see what the next week brings. 

Other than growing things, I haven't been up to very much lately.  One of our dogs died somewhat unexpectedly on Thursday and I was the one to 'find her' before she passed on.  I sat with her while she died and it really shook me up.  After having a few days to reflect on the experience, I am finding that I am feeling a lot more at peace.  I know that she is out of pain now that she is at rest. 

Onto a lighter topic, I have been enjoying a lot of family time as of late.  My brother Ben is staying with us for a few weeks before he heads on to Germany.  He just graduated from University in Ottawa and is home for at least part of the summer.  He is famous for keeping me on my toes and not much as changed since the last time he stayed with us a few summers ago.  In theme with 'living with less' he let me cut his hair this morning, followed quickly by my husband and somewhat grudgingly by my dad.  The best part?  My dad let me cut his hair into a MULLET!  It is awesome!  He is telling me that he'll keep it at least until Monday (and go to work with it) and as such, he is my new hero.  It is pretty hard to feel sorry for yourself when there's a mullet in the house!  You gotta love my family!

Happy weekend everyone!

Marebare xoxo


  1. Thanks for the update! Your plants look great! Did you buy one of the true grow lights?

  2. Mullets are AWESOME! Grant had one for a while until he started getting weird looks from wedding clients. Where's the photo?

    Nice looking tomatoes. Mine are about the same size, but my mother's are already over a foot high!