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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Return to 'Dirtbag' Life

Any of you who have heard the term 'Dirtbag Climber' will automatically be able to conjure up images of what the past week was like for me.  You see, long before we lived in 'the big house', or had 'the big yard' or even the 'big bank account' (which really isn't so big), Trent and I spent a significant amount of time living out of tents, vans, trailers, etc.  The world at large was our 'yard' so to speak and our bank account was nearly empty much of the time... and we have never been happier!  Well, maybe not 'never', but it was a pretty rad time in both of our lives. 

I spent my holidays surrounded by other 'dirtbaggers', a lot of old friends and some new, and it reminded me that I need to return to even simpler times and embrace 'the dirtbagger' in me.  We camped in a spectacular campground, right on the beach, and awoke each morning to a cacophany of birds and a pristinely calm lake.  Each morning we had an amazing feast for breakfast, and lounged around drinking strong coffee until it was time to depart for the crag.  After a full day of hiking and climbing (and exhausting this unfit body of mine), we met back in the parking lot for 'happy hour'.  At night we had amazing dinners, campfires, sung to the guitar and laughed with each other until we cried.  Sounds perfect doesn't it?  It pretty much was. 

But while I had a blast climbing, partying, camping and joking with some wonderful people, the real eye opener for me was my ability to return to my yoga and meditation practice.  I used to be heavily involved with these spiritual practices prior to my son's birth, but in the past 18 months, I just haven't been able to find the time to indulge in these practices regularly.  I was shocked at how easily and naturally they came back - especially the meditation part, and I am on a new mission to make space in my busy life for this extremely important side of myself. 

As for my pact to 'live with less' - I pretty much stuck to my guns, as it was a fairly easy thing to do when you are surrounded by people who believe in the same life principles.  I ate mostly vegetarian food and spent very little money (other than the wine that a bought directly from the wineries - but I think that this is in line with my goals, right?)

Unfortunately (and I guess fortunately), I didn't take any pictures on this trip - at ALL (which is highly unlike me, but I was just DONE and not feeling creative at all).  My amazing friend Jody did though, and when she sends me some pics, I will be sure to share them.  The above pics are: Trent and I with one of the VW vans we lived in... for about a year or so, and the other is a photo of me at a yoga teacher training in Mexico.

Here's to a return to simpler times!!! 


Marebare xoxo


  1. Hey Mare,

    I just bought a new laptop, and will send you some of your ultra giggly pics soon!

    I just wanted to share again, how much fun I had with you this last week. I too am going through a big life change, and am realizing how important it is to get back to your roots. My best memories/experiences in life have been spent leading the "dirtbag life". It has also been the best time spent with friends. I plan to do a lot of travel outside this summer, and to visit you and Trenty lots in Nordegg. We will have more adventures to come in the future, so stay in touch!

    The time with you this last week has also inspired both J and I to spend even less, and cut some corners in the supermarket side of things. We have decided to stop buying condiments, and start making all of them from scratch. I know this seems obvious, but I am getting more and more brave in the kitchen and this seems like an appropriate goal. So much money is wasted on packaged salad dressings, mayonaise, mustard, ketchup ect, ect, ect. My Mom has a number of recipes for these and more tasty spreads. I will share how it goes, and offer the recipes if anyone wants them.

    Thanks for re-inspiring us to live with less, to have more in life! I can hardly wait until our next adventure together!

    Much love,

  2. Wow... "dirt bagging" sounds wonderful!

    I can SOOO relate to what you said about needing to make time for yoga and spiritual stuff. I've been in a phase where I've been "too busy" to do my yoga every morning, and I really think that not doing it makes me feel even more busy... if that makes any sense at all!

    Speaking of being "too busy" I finally decided that I needed to consolidate all of my "green ideas" in one place that was a tad bit more organized, so I have a new blog (there was much rejoicing). So far it's mostly just stuff I've ported over from Open Salon, but I'm already adding new things and loving the new format. I'll still post stuff on OS, but I really wanted something that wasn't so tied to the whole Open Salon community. So if you're feeling bored, check it out at!