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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anyone want a goat?

One thing that I have realized over the past 9 months is that it is allll good, until you run out of time (and/or energy).  Such was and is the case for me this summer/fall.  As you know, I spent the summer as a trailer dweller in the woods, and now that I am home again, work and let's face it, life, is back in full swing.  So, I ask you this... who the heck has time to make gifts (or find suitable items that were previously-loved).  I might be cheap, but I really don't want my friends, family and those who have been generous with me to feel slighted.  Alas, I also don't want the landfills to continually be loaded with junk/packaging/overpriced goods that I purchased in order to try to give someone the warm-and-fuzzies.  So, if you are busy (and really, who isn't, this post is for you!)

My modified strategy involves spending my hard-earned cashola on 'experiences' that I feel others might enjoy... We have taken my son to a few children's shows for example, and he absolutely loved them!  I feel way better about that than buying him a new toy that he may or not not play with and that may or may not be loaded with toxins... (I won't rant here, there is enough consumerism rage here for another post entirely)
Anyway, other ideas include: spa treatments, 'favor cards' (kind of like an IOU), theatre tickets, iTunes gift cards, or, my personal favorite as of late, donating to a charity in that persons name.  There is an absolutely wonderful charity of this sort that is Canadian-based called 'Plan'.  How it works is you go on their site, choose a gift that reminds you of the person you would like to honor and they will send that person either a card by mail or an e-card with a message from you.  One of the best parts of this program is that there is a really wide range of prices - you can spend as little as $10, with up to 11 of their 'gifts of hope' priced under $50.  Examples include: mango trees, school supplies, at-home birthing supplies, baby chicks, rabbits, seeds, pigs, goats, etc.

Now, I know what you're thinking... Maren, you are such a SUCKER!  Well, you might be right, I am and always have been a person who chooses to see the positives, and I tend to trust in the goodness of mankind... I know, I know... it is very naive of me.  However, for all of you skeptics out there... here is a movie trailer for a film made by another purchaser of 'gifts of hope' (goats in particular) who got to thinking... Hmmm, where's my goat?  I wonder if it made it to where it was supposed to go?  The film will be airing tonight on the CBC's documentary channel... for those of you who have Canadian digital cable (not me), you should check it out!

To give, or not to give, isn't really the question... the reality is that you should give... just figure out a way to do it with meaning, good intentions and above all, kindness to each other and the earth!

Marebare xoxo

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  1. Well... that should get up your goat (sorry, I couldn't resist). I LOVE the idea of giving experiences!

    I have a bit of a "donor beware" story in terms of giving donations. I started to write it here, but it got way to big, so here it is: