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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Zucchini Challenge

Everyone likes a challenge right?  Well, as I alluded to in my last post, I am overrun with a certain elongated green squash in my kitchen.  One of my friends sent me some fabulous-sounding recipes to help me do away with the stuff, which led me to try one of her ideas out this afternoon... but more on that later.

What I am proposing is that YOU, dear reader, send ME (crazy-blogger-woman) your very best zucchini recipe (and here is a twist, it can't be for your everyday run-of-the-mill zucchini loaf).  Go crazy, think outside the box, see what wonderful delicacies you can come up with.  They can be from your own recipe collection, or hey, just go on line and pick something that you think sounds AWESOME...

On my end, and for your efforts, I promise to cook each recipe, in the order that they were submitted, until the zucchini supply is gone.  What is in it for you?  A $10 iTunes Gift Card courtesy of yours truly (and yes, it is a re-gift) goes to the one dish that my family (yes, my family) votes on as the tastiest. Oh, and one more rule, you can only submit ONE recipe.  You can e-mail them to me at

Now, onto the matter at hand, I have already begun the contest with today's recipe: Zucchini Lasagna... Leslie gets credit for this one b/c she started this whole thing by sending me recipes in the first place...

I actually got the recipe from Elaine over at the The Italian Dish, one of my new favorite cooking blogs.  Elaine comes from an Italian background, and according to her blog, this zucchini lasagna recipe is delicious, so, I thought that I would give it a try.

I followed her instructions to a tee...

...and it was pretty straightforward.  I had to make one exception and used gluten-free breadcrumbs as my dreaded gluten intolerance seems to have returned (more on this another day). 

But, after putting it all together and baking for one hour at 350, it came out simmering, bubbling and smelling irristable.
So, after my first go at a recipe, here is what is left of my zucchini supply...

So, now, I leave it to you... looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Take care and happy recipe hunting!



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  2. Have I sent you the Vegan Moussaka Recipe before? If not I'll send it for sure. Its a little bit of work. but YUM.
    Nice crop by the way! :)

  3. Hey, great challenge! Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my 'About' page; my beautiful double gemini friend!

    Now as you'll be sympathetic to; deciding which courgette recipe to send you had me in a hot sweat for a few hours, but I have finally decided. It's one I use from Riverford organics and when I first made it I had to convince my daughter it actually had 'something green' in it as back then, she was very dubious of anything remotely fruit or vegetable!

    It's a chocolate courgette cake and you are going to LOVE it!

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  5. @ CJ - I would be a lot more content if the zucchini on my counter would disappear!

    @ Linds - can you send it to me again, I had it saved on my old computer

    @ Mrs. Green - Thanks for the great recipe! I took it to a party and it disappeared (just as you promised) - I will let you know the verdict when the zucchini (aka courgettes) are ALL GONE!