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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things... FALL edition

I love all of the seasons... I do, honest!  I know, I know, winter is way too long, spring is way too messy/dirty, fall is much too short and summer... what summer?  I have heard them all.  Listen here Canadians (and many Northern-dwelling Americans and anyone else who is fortunate enough to have FOUR seasons), we have it good.  I know, I know, the weather in Hawaii is fantastic every day of the year, however we couldn't very well all live on those tiny islands now could we?  So, let's embrace change and the cyclical nature of our existance... for each new season comes in bearing a whole host of gifts. 

Fall... ah fall.  Where I live, it is already here.  It arrived literally overnight as we closed the chapter of summer with one final week of above-average temperatures.  There are definite signs when fall is here, from the obvious visual resplendence of the leaves to the less obvious 'feel' in the air.  Autumn air is heavy with the smells of harvest and carries an unmistakable bite of chilliness... foreshadowing for the winter winds to come.  The air is also filled with the cacophony of geese, ducks and other birds who are 'getting the heck out of dodge'! 

The 'feast for the senses' described above is one of the reasons why I think Autumn is wonderful.  Here are some of my other favorite things about FALL:
  • Having fires in the woodstove once again
  • Sipping tea and curling up on the couch (preferably in the sun) reading a great book (I just finished a life-changing book: Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping)
  • Playing in the leaves (even more fun now with Chephren)

  • Jumping hay bails (What?  I didn't play enough as a kid and I am making up for it now)
  • Harvesting my garden (wellll... I don't love the actual harvesting part, but I LOVE the food!)

  • Firing up my crockpot and diving once again into soups, stews and other warm 'comfort' foods.
What do you love about Fall? 



  1. I too love autumn... but I fear it is a fleeting season here in the Mile High city, as we tend to go straight from summer to winter all too often. I'm really hoping for a nice one this year... and so far, the snow has stayed in the mountains, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Actually I'm hoping for Indian summer this year because, although the garden has made a remarkable comeback from the hail storm, nothing has ripened yet. But I am enjoying a nice cool day with some hot tea and a cat on my lap. Oh how wonderful it is that Princess has come inside, so I can enjoy winter this year without constantly worrying about her.

    But I am seething with jealousy over the idea of a wood burning stove. Every year this time I start to fantasize about installing one, but alas, we have wood burning bans most of the winter, and knowing my luck, I'd probably burn the house down anyhow.

    Guess I'll just have to enjoy whatever the present moment sees fit to give me. Happy Autumn!

  2. @ECL: If it makes you feel any better, Trent and I spent 2 hours gathering firewood last night... and we are nowhere near done. I will admit that it is worth it, but it is BACKBREAKING work! Enjoy the season, I wish you a long, happy Indian Summer!