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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some things are worth the extra money

It all started when air canada lost my bag... I know, you're shocked right?  Well they did.  I was flying home from Halifax into Calgary for our friends Tess and Loic's wedding.  More than slightly panicked, (all I had to wear were my grubby plane clothes remember?) I spent most of the night before the wedding on the phone with some lady in India who had no idea where my bag went (and, let's be honest, why should she, she's in INDIA!?)

Anyway, before full-on panic took over my brain, I remembered that I had booked my flight with my visa and thankfully, our visa plan covers some expenses if/(aka WHEN) the airline loses your bag.  They informed me that I had up to $500 to spend on 'the bare necessities'.  All of a sudden, my misfortune had turned into a wonderously fortunate event and I got to purchase some NEW CLOTHES!  Yahoo!  First stop?  MEC - whereupon I proceeded to purchase THE BEST PAIR OF UNDERWEAR THAT I HAVE EVER OWNED.
(This is totally me btw... ha, ha... YEAH RIGHT!)  However, I would like to thank this hot model for making them look even more appealing than I could ever put into words...

They are Patagonia underwear and sell for a whopping $22/pair at MEC, but they are TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY!  I now have 5 pairs of them, and each of them still look and feel as they did on the glorious day(s) that I purchased them. 

So, yeah, some things are worth the money... after all, who wants the hot firefighters/paramedics to find some nasty old, stained, ripped cotton undies when they rip your clothes from your burning/sick/bleeding/tortured body?

Okay, okay, that last bit wasn't called for, I was just taking some liberties with the infamous motherly phrase "never leave the house in dirty or torn underwear"... (well that's what my mom taught me anyways)

Go get some, you know you want to!

xoxo Marebare


  1. Marengo your killing me here! I look to you for cheap ideas and now I'm out buying $22 underwear!!

  2. Hey Maren - It's been awhile!! And equally long since I read your blog so I just spent sometime catching up and WoW - you know how to make me smile and laugh!
    Yes, I do want to join your commune
    Yes, I will be buying a top loading washing machine
    And Yes, I will spend more money on comfy undies once I find the right ones!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. @Meggo...
    I know, I know... but you can't be cheap all of the time! And the point is that sometimes spending a bit more money will actually save you more in the long run. My patagonia undies will last me 5 or 6 times as long as the yucky, cheap cotton ones, making them cheaper in the long run. Trust me on this one!

    -Yes, it has been too long! It would be great to get together for a coffee, we could talk communes and stuff! :) Hope that you are well and thanks for stopping by!

  4. mec used to make their own brand of undies like these patagonia ones, as well as a fantastic sports bra / tank top thing, and they were (are) my absolute favourite, but they only had them for one season!! luckily i bought 4 tanks & 3 pairs of undies while they did exist because i basically wear them every day... they are SO comfy & easy to wash (and the mec ones were WAY cheaper than the patagonia ones... although, still not made in canada as i would have preferred...). great blog :)

  5. @teagirl,

    Thanks for stopping by! What say we write them a letter and ask (no, DEMAND) that they bring them back? Nothing like a good pair of Canadian-made undies!