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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Washing Machine RAGE

Get out your pen and paper and write Norwex a thank you letter RIGHT NOW!  You can tell them that I sent you.  That company single-handedly managed to save you from the RANT of the century about my HE washing machine and how much I hate it.  You see, prior to today, and said Norwex intervention, my laundry machine was a fetid, useless, pile of scrap metal that was about to get ANNIHILATED WITH A SLEDGE HAMMER!!!!!  I have mentioned this washing machine before, by the way, in my 'diaper tale of woe'... needless to say, my washer hasn't made it up to me yet.

(someone has more guts than me apparently)

So, this is what happened... (all of you HE'ers out there, take note)...

I don't do that much laundry... that is, as long as I can help it.  This means that my machine sits for maybe weeks on end until I finally get up the motivation to do something about the overflowing clothes hampers.  All was fine and dandy (or so I thought), until I started going to hot yoga classes on a regular basis.  Now, if you have been to a hot yoga class before, you would know that you come out of there a disheveled, sweaty mess, hence I tend to use a clean towel for each class that I attend.  Again, all was well... and then... it happened.  There I am down-dogging it up and I get a wiff of something nasty... like... mold or something.  And, down I go into my chatarunga and GASP!  It is MY TOWEL THAT SMELLS LIKE MOLD!!!  (In case you may have missed it, I REALLY hate mold and everything that comes with it... blame a really serious allergy to it and a near-death-causing lung infection to the stuff and you would likely feel as strongly about the stuff too).  Surprisingly, I managed to finish the class, despite the fact that I flat-out refused to use the stinky towel and my mat turned into a slip-n-slide... (those were fun back in the day though weren't they?).

Drama aside, I came home, stuck my head into my washing machine and I almost vomited... the culprit was revealed.  Being the diligent consumer that I am, I checked my washing machine manual for clues and guess what, they ADMIT that this might be a problem and that you should do X, Y and Z to fix the problem.  So, I did do X, Y, Z and even E, F, G... but to no avail.  After seriously considering putting the thing up on freecycle and trying to buy a top-loading one, I decided to try one last thing... let's call it 'N' (ha!).  You guessed it, Norwex makes a laundry detergent.  I used 1/2 tsp per load for a few washes and the machine is back to 'new' again.  You heard me, the moldy smell vanished!

All hail Norwex!!!  The washing machine is saved! (For now!)

Marebare xoxo

P.S.  No, I don't sell Norwex, but I might start!!!


  1. Isn't it fabulous when you find something that actually works??

  2. Wow! I'm glad you found a solution. When the 1968 Kenmore gave out a few months back I did TONS of research and believe me, you are not the only person with this problem! After lengthy consideration I bought an LG top loading HE washer.

    So far I'm pretty happy with it, although the thing is HUGE. This is great when doing the bedding (which was part of the reason I chose that model), but not so great the rest of the time. Seriously, it takes a month to dirty enough clothes to fill the thing up (and that includes sheets and towels!) I had to go buy more underwear so I could make it through until the next washing!

    But at least there is no foul odor! I think the top loaders don't have the same problem because they don't shut air tight like the front loaders do.

    Glad you found a solution and I hope it keeps working!

  3. p.s. Your RSS feed in the Blogger dashboard suddenly came back to life... There was great rejoicing!

  4. ahaha, I love the story and the product! use it all the time :) When I purchased my HE washer, I was told to leave the washer door ajar when not in use in order to avoid exactly what happened to you (granted I dont have kids and beagles are only apt to jump in the washer if its full of unwashed panties(but thats another story all together)...Ive heard of a lot of people with the same molding parents included. Ive always just left mine ajar and so far no problems...maybe its the Norwex though..hmm... :)

  5. Norwex has some great stuff!! I use their window cleaning cloths for mirrors, glass, etc. and haven't used icky Windex in ages!!

  6. I've ordered it for you and it should be here in a few days...hang tight!

  7. @Lesley: YES!

    @Rebecca: Wanna trade washers? I think you're right about the seal being the problem. AND right on for technology that has a mind of its own!

    @Mrs. Jensen: I have been trying to leave the door open... although I have a 'helper' who likes it closed... Hmmmm... I'll keep working on it!

    @Cheryle: I hear you. I have a 'dealer' if you ever want to make an order (lol!)

    @Amie: I bow to you and your Norwexian powers! Thanks dear!