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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What goes around comes around...

When I was a little girl, I was a picky eater.  I always used to think that it was my parents' fault (they were always trying to make me eat HEALTHY, damn them!), but looking back it was clearly me who had the problem.  They would send healthy lunches to school with me: peanut butter and honey sandwiches (way back before peanuts were considered weapons of mass destruction), orange slices, and carrot sticks, only to find them crammed into the back of my desk when they came for parent-teacher interviews.  I would have thrown them in the garbage, but they had the teacher on 'garbage patrol'.  They even got the bus driver involved when I started trying to use the garbage can on the bus.  I was persistent, but so were they.

Finally the day came when I started bringing home an empty lunch box on a regular basis.  My parents, ever suspicious, immediately called the teacher to check in with her but she could find no trace of my lunch remnants anywhere.  It would appear that the lunch problem had been solved!

A few months later, my mom started noticing a funny smell in my room.  Thinking that the carpet had developed mold underneath from the humidifier running, she ripped out the carpets and replaced them with rubber tiles.  That didn't work so she replaced the mattress and all of the bedding, and still, that SMELL!  Desperate (and confused) they decided to take down the wallpaper.  While they were moving the furniture, preparing for this ornerous task they happened upon 'my stash'.  Several weeks (or was it months) worth of lunch leftovers crammed behind the books in my bookshelf.  I may have only been 6 or 7 but damn was I smart, right? 

I am telling you this because today I found this under the couch:

and the day before that it was peanut butter toast underneath the couch, and the day before that it was grapes in the cracks of my leather sofa, and the day before that it was a pile of grated cheese and a muffin underneath his bed. 

Talk about KARMA! 

All of my wonderful traits and quirks and THIS is the one he chooses to emulate?  Great.

Anyone know a cleaning lady who excels at hide and go seek?  (I am only kidding... for now)

Marebare xoxo


  1. What a story! It sounds like you'd be the perfect fit for the cleaning lady you're asking for... you'd know all the secret spots! Wow - Chephren is getting so BIG!!