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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Plus One Equals... Zero?

I teach yoga on Tuesday nights.  It is something that I enjoy doing and it keeps my inner passion for the practice of yoga alive and well.  Now that I have committed to a more regular teaching schedule, I am working towards creating a small community of students, as I build relationships with them one by one.  Prior to teaching at the studio, I taught small classes to family, friends and acquaintances and I found the adjustment to the studio difficult because I felt like I was teaching 'strangers'.  As a yoga teacher, I have found that one of my 'things' is this desire to get to know my students, and my intention for each class is to be of the highest service to each and every person that comes to my class.

Meanwhile, back at 'the ranch' (I guess we shouldn't call our house that any more b/c we have moved off the farm, but I always liked this term and I am keeping it!), Trent is finishing up the bedtime routine with Chephren and then he proceeds with his Tuesday night 'man ritual'.  A little Kijiji, a beer (or two) and the token violent movie on Netflix.  I know this is his routine b/c when I get home after yoga, the computer is still open to the Kijiji page, the beer cans are on the counter, and the violent movie is still playing at full blast.

I abhor violent movies.  I think that I always have, but I few years back I put my foot down and simply REFUSED (yes, REFUSED) to watch anything violent.  I just don't see the point.  Why would I fill up my 'airy fairy, peaceful' psyche with all of that senseless killing?  As for Trent, he has since been missing his blood and gore and I think that on some level he is grateful to have one night of the week to 'fill his cup' with all of the manliness. 

Last week we had a funny conversation when he came to bed after the movie.
M: 'I think it's kind ironic that I am going out into the world teaching yoga, doing my best to increase the positive energy in the Universe and you are sitting at home watching killing shows.'
T: 'Yeah, funny.  It is like we are cancelling each other out in the Universe'...

How is that for some math?


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