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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Everything is Perfect

I have been a source of annoyance and nuisance as of late for my family and friends because I have discovered a new use for an old word: perfect.  I used to loathe this word... viewing it as something that I always aspired to be but always fell short of.  Actually, at one time this seven letter word had such power over me that I believe it almost single-handedly pushed me into the pit of post-partum depression -- as I 'failed' and floundered miserably in my attempts to be a 'perfect mom'.  So yes, when viewed that way, the word perfect can indeed be seen as quite insidious and even destructive.

Lately however I have developed a new kind of relationship with the word perfect... and I have come to see everything in the light of perfection!  Confused by this?  Astonished?  Maybe even a bit angry?  Good!

Let me explain...
When I say 'everything is perfect' what I mean is just that.  Everything (yes, everything) is just as it should be -- even those situations and circumstances that you deem and judge to be 'bad' or even 'horrible'.  You see, I believe that we all come here with a Divine Purpose and with a need to experience certain aspects of humanity.  Some of these aspects of humanity are fabulous, however others are less fabulous... maybe even perceived as dark or evil.  Now, here is where the concept of perfection kicks in: 'It is not the experience itself that really matters, it is WHAT WE CHOOSE TO DO WITH IT.'

People all over the world have suffered (indeed are likely suffering) through unfathomable atrocities.  Admitedly, the amount of pain and anguish that we are capable of inflicting and experiencing as the human race is incredible.  With that being said, the human capacity to love and forgive is even more incredible, even more powerful.  It would seem that the greater the level of suffering, the greater the opportunity to teach and to heal can emerge.  Here are some examples that come to mind:
  • People who were held captive and suffered atrocities at the hands of their kidnappers who emerge on the other side with the capacity to FORGIVE and move on with their lives.  Amanda Lindhout, Jaycee Dugard, James Loney (to name only a few of many)
  • People like my brother Ben, who have disabilities and/or continue to struggle with health difficulties each and every single day and use their disABILITY and personal challenges to teach, motivate and INSPIRE others.  Erik Weihenmayer, Nick Vujicic, Stephen Hawking (again, to name only a few)
Nick Vijucic
Ben McConnell

The stories are endless.  There are thousands of them. 

If this post resonates with you, phew, that was certainly my hope and intent.  If, on the other hand, you are angry by this post, that is perfect also.  In fact, I have been wanting to write this post for quite a while but I was afraid. Afraid of making people angry. Afraid of being 'so bold' as to advocate for acceptance and forgiveness of any/all situations given that my personal life story has been one of relative ease compared to most.  Despite all of this, I am keenly, even painfully aware of the level of suffering that continues to exist in the world -- the 'dark' face of our humanity if you will. However, rather than accept it or turn a blind eye towards it, I am choosing to shine light on it. I believe that hatred, fear, anger, vengenance, rage, etc. only breed more of the same -- feeding the cycle of negativity and giving it the energy to continue without end.  Love, on the other hand, cultivates acceptance, forgiveness, joy, and hope. 

Still angry? Maybe this anger is a sign.  It could mean that you are ready to take a look at your own life.  What story from your past are you holding on to?  What experience(s) are you allowing to negatively impact your life?  Who do you have to forgive in order to move on and let the love and light back in?  How could you use the experiences from your past to teach and inspire others?  Can you begin to imagine what could be possible? 

With much love,
Marebare xoxo


  1. Nice one Maren! You are helping to perfect the enlightenment of humanity. You are perfect, and also Rad!

  2. And for a slightly more cynical perspective on this topic:

  3. Here's a further challenge that I personally feel enriches and reinforce the above thought ...

    We spare nothing incl. sufferings of people ... We have to judge ... everything ... I have taken a mindful decision NOT to classify suffering ... even if it is petty ... That's because its our judgment and not their inherent capacity to rise above their suffering that makes people petty, even if they are seemingly petty ... Do we know their space moment by moment ... What gives us the right to judge?

    When we stop making judgments and see within us and realize that its because we don't want to suffer, then we will see people as they are ... we will see perfection everywhere incl. us even if we judge ... simply because we acknowledge an area of growth ... within us ...

    There's always scopes for love, growth and care if we dare to look within ... and even identifying perfection ;-)

    1. Thank you for sharing your wise words...