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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Local Coffee Shop 'Recon' Mission

Recon - that stands for 'reconnaisance' right? I am pretty sure it does, but forgive me if I am not current on my 'GI Joe' lingo!

First of all, thank you all so much for participating and voting on this issue. Thank you also for the many comments and feedback that I have received both on the blog and on the facebook group - there have been some really great suggestions. So, given that it appears that the consensus of the vote is to buy from a local coffee shop (although there is still one day left to vote), I decided that it was time to do a 'recon' mission in my hometown for a local coffee shop that sells organic, fair trade coffee (again, part of the feedback that I have been receiving). And you will NEVER believe the amazing little cafe that I have been driving by unnoticed for months. It is truly a gem. Set on the historical and quaint Main Street of Stony Plain, Misella Delite is a must-visit for all Parkland County Residents (and those of you passing through onto Jasper perhaps?). Misella's is a vegan cafe that (gasp!) also offers a food co-op program during our local growing season. (Great tip by the way Linds - I have been wanting to find something like this for a long time, I just wish that it could be year-round! This brings me to another thought that has crept into my consciousness every so often - are we really living in an appropriate climate to want to live the kind of lifestyle that I truly believe in? But that is definetly a topic for another blog entry... or 30 more perhaps!)

Anyway, based on the pending outcome of the vote and the feedback that I have received to date, it appears that I will be continuing to brew my own organic, fair trade brew at home, and carrying it with me as often as possible. And for the occasional 'take out' cuppa java? I will be frequenting Misella's (their coffee is delicious by the way), as well as other local shops.

For more information on Misella's check out:
or e-mail:
or phone: 780-968-6714
or GO THERE at: 4922 - 50 Street, Stony Plain, Alberta

Ciao for now and stay-tuned for my next 'poll the audience' issue (which isn't far down the road I am certain!)


1 comment:

  1. Hey Mare!

    This is awesome! Good for you! I am a follower and will try to change my ways as well. Thanks for starting something like this. Way to promote living more Conscientiously!

    One tip for the coffee scenario, is to pay for drip coffee or an "americano" at a place that for every purchase, a portion goes to a charity or an environmental cause? That way, you can feel better about spending money on a pleasure that gives back!

    Another tip, is to find out the background of the coffee you drink. Find out if it is "certified" fairtrade (and not just labled that way as a selling feature), and comes from an organic background. If you want some inspiration regarding coffee, watch a documentary called "Black Gold". It really lifts the blindfold off of the coffee industry.

    Keep the messages coming Mare!

    Peace and love,