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Sunday, January 17, 2010

My three-fold plan...

It is now day two, and I am starting to achieve panic status. I really haven't thoroughly thought this through (I am truly impulsive - remember?), and I am starting to wonder what exactly I might have gotten myself into. What I am now realizing is that this process will require some extreme PLANNING (which, by the way, is the opposite of impulsivity)! But, despite my impulsivity, I think that I can be successful. For instance, right now, my plan since January 1st has been three-fold:

1) Communal Living: We live next door to my parents and enjoy communal meals with them almost 7 days per week. While this is awesome for us, we realize that this might not be ideal for everyone. However, for us as a family, it means cooking a total of 3-4 meals a week for the four/five of us and enjoying home cooked meals virtually 7 nights per week.

2) Soup nights: part of my saving money plan involves making soup at least one night per week. This, along with homemade bread and salad, often makes a wonderful and cost-efficient meal.

3) Meat Salads: Another night of the week I do a meat salad of sorts... this involves a meat salad and again, a homemade bread. It is wonderful and delicious, even if it doesn't sound filling.

These are my main strategies for 2010, and so far, it has been a wild success. The exception of course being Trent's mournful cries for 'more meat, more MEAT'!

My reply? Let's face it... life is cheaper without meat! (Sucker!)

Cheers and happy cooking!

Marebear :)


  1. Yes, less meat is cheaper!!
    I have been a vegetarian since the age of six and can't resist to put in my 2 cents here. Did you know that only 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese is 16 grams of protien! I usually eat 3/4 of a cup in one sitting, so am getting a really good hit from it. It is also relatively unexpensive compared to meat. Eat it with fruit chunks or just some salt and pepper. Work it into a meal: casseroles, lasagne. I also have a recipe for "Chilaquilas" which is a mexican dish using cottage cheese. Maybe I will get the energy to post it at some point...

  2. Tess - I knew that I would be hearing from you on this one! I wouldn't say that I am ready (nor is my marriage ready) to undertake a vegetarian lifestyle at this point, but we are definetely cutting back on it! (A letter is coming in the mail for you btw - and let me just say EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE about the last letter that you sent me!) BIG, BIG Hugs xoxo Maren