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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1 month down... 11 to go!

Well, I've done it!  I have made it one month living with only the 'Marebare Necessities'!  I was planning on sharing the financial data with you today, but my visa bill runs from the 20th to the 20th, making that date so much easier for me to work with, so look for those numbers to be posted really soon!

I know that I have been quite reflective throughout this entire process, but I thought that I would give a 'month in review' update, especially for any readers who are joining in late.  This month has been all about trying to create new habits and behaviours.  It has been about trying to task analyze in a different way than I have done in the past.  Here are both some accomplishments and some revelations that I have had in the past month:
  • I have realized that I love the convenience of buying new items more than I enjoy the items themselves.
  • I have realized that the results of doing household renovations with only used materials can have unexpectedly pleasant results (but that it can also take FOREVER to find the materials that you seek)!
  • I am astonished to find that I actually have more time on my hands... I still haven't figured this one out, but it is undoubtedly a fact.
  • I have made approximately 20 or so loaves of bread, most of them edible (!)
  • I have not used a single plastic bag in 30 days.
  • I have taught myself to sew and made 2 sets of placemats.  (They are even kind of pretty too!)
  • I have only had one cup of starbucks coffee (not a latte), and it was purchased for me by someone else... not my fault.
  • Other than the above incident, I have only gone out for coffee TWICE, bringing my cup with me each time.
  • We have DRASTICALLY reduced the amount of food waste in our house thanks to the careful menu planning that we have been doing.
  • I have realized that some things are not that practical to buy used, mostly really inexpensive items that everyone tends to have in their home.
  • I cut my own hair to save some dough and it looks kind of ridiculous... anyone want to trade haircutting services for placemats?
  • I am quite shocked at how interested and supportive my friends and family have been... I find it to be quite encouraging and motivating to continue on.
  • My husband has come around and is mostly on board.  We are experiencing a different kind of happiness, which I think is a direct result of this little experiment.
  • I finally am starting to feel like a more authentic version of myself, especially as a parent...  It is pretty wild!  It makes me want to make bigger/better/faster and more profound life changes, so stay tuned!
Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow. - Doug Firebaugh

I am still loving the Olympics, another Gold today!!!  Go Canada Go!

Marebare :)


  1. A month already!?! I’ve enjoyed reading each and every entry, and simply cant believe its already been a whole 4 weeks! I love this latest entry, I can hear the exhilaration in your always so well written words...feeling the momentum building: HOORAY for snowballing! I love your list of successes/realizations so far. And yes, I totally wish I could cut hair as well, that would make a nice big dent in my personal spending!

    On a related topic (well sort of) While Gourmet magazine was still 'alive' (sob), they had an online contributing author by the name of Hodding Carter. He wrote a weekly 'tell all' of his (along with his wife and 4 kids) life for a year of living within what he called 'extreme frugality'. The entries are informative, and often downright knee slapping. When you have some (new found!) time take a read from the beginning!

    Cheers!!! (GO Canada GO!)


  2. Hey Lins,

    Thanks for the wonderful comments! It is nice to hear that someone is actually following along! AND, I have started reading the Hodding Carter articles and I absolutely LOVE them! You're right, he is a great writer and it is an entertaining read. He is also HARDCORE! $550 per month? I have no idea how he is doing that. I would be happy if I could keep my grocery spending to about this level!

    All the best to you Lins, and keep sending tips my way, they are always welcome!