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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little Suzy Homemaker Takes Out a Squirrel...

If you have been following along daily, you may have noticed that I have been 'quiet' for the past few days.  Admitedly, the Olympics did have something to do with it (I'm still hooked), but mostly I have been very busy.  Don't worry, my absence in no way means that I have 'cheated' or 'fallen down' on the Marebare Challenge.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  I have been putting my all of my energies into figuring out how to do it even better.  For starters, Friday I spent most of the afternoon browsing through the thrift shops and the consignment stores in my area.  Was I ever pleasantly surprised!!!  I even indulged at the ladies consignment shop, buying myself a few sweaters for work, a skirt, a t-shirt, a pair of Parasuco jeans, a necklace and some earrings.... all of this for THIRTY-TWO DOLLARS!!!!  Can you believe it?  What a deal!  Then, at one of the thrift shops I came upon a goldmine of a find.  I found a Zoot Triathlon suit for $5!!!!  These things retail for over one hundred dollars, and this one is like new!!!!  If I decide to give up on my triathlon dreams because of my injuries, then at least I could sell the darn thing on Kijiji or something.  I am still revelling in the good deals!  I love shopping again!

Saturday Trent, Chephren and I laid low, and spent some much-needed quiet family time together.  Of course I took this opportunity to try and sew something new.  I made Chephren the adorable hat that he is wearing above... (nevermind that it was supposed to be a ladies hat and fit me, but nonetheless, all was not lost as you can see!)

Today is Sunday, and as I sit here wearing my dirty apron (yes I own an apron), looking more than slightly disheveled, I can't help but feel awash with a sense of serenity.  Despite the fact that I have flour in my hair, I feel satisfied following a busy morning and afternoon of baking making homemade soup, sewing another set of placemats for my mom, and all-around having a wonderful day of suzy-homemaking.  I also managed to brow-beat my husband into putting up my outdoor clothesline which he has been promising to do for three years... better late than never I suppose.  Speaking of Trent, I also found out that he has been withholding some valuable information from me; that we can get farm-fresh goods from many of our neighbours (eggs, poultry, beef, etc.)  (I think that it became apparent to him that this might be pertinent information, following my mention of starting up my own chicken coop a la Hodding Carter).  Speaking of Hodding Carter, I'll bet you were wondering what is up with the title of this post, right?  Well, after reading about Carter's attempts at taking out a ruffed grouse (hilarious story by the way), I accidentally almost mowed down a squirrel on the road by my house.  Believe it or not (I can't believe that I am about to admit this to the world), in that instant, I actually found myself wondering if you can eat squirrel!?  Now I know that I am taking this challenge pretty seriously, but come on, that's just gross!  On the other hand, could you imagine the look on my husband's face if I brought home some road kill for him to clean for dinner?  Don't worry, the squirrel is still safe... for now.

Happy Super Sunday!

Marebare :)


  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. I'm just starting reading! And I have to say you're a great writer.

    I also want to say that people in the Yukon eat gophers... so would a squirrel be that far off? I don't know. But, when I asked them what gophers tasted like, they said, matter-of-factly, "Oh, a little like porcupine or badger."

    Nuff said... haha

  3. Thanks for stopping by Lucy!

    And Stacey, that is just AWESOME! I haven't resorted to eating rodents yet, but if it gets to that point, I'll be sure to keep "Travel Yukon" as a resource in mind!