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Thursday, February 4, 2010

One project done and another begun

Well, I finished my first sewing project - a set of 6 placemats.  And, considering the EPIC amount of errors that I made while making them, they actually look half decent, as long as you don't look at them too closely.  Trent is actually in absolute awe that I was able to complete this project at all - considering that I completed half of the project WHILE SEWING WITH THE FOOT OF THE MACHINE UP!!!  (How was I supposed to know that you were supposed to put it down?)  Anyway, he figures that I must have mad skills just given the fact that I was able to sew anything like that at all.  Luckily, he came home before the final step was done and was able to save me from screwing up the project all together. 
On a totally different topic, I wrote a funny little poem today - mostly for kids, but I promised my mom that I would post it on here so that she could share it with her friends.  I was inspired by the guest author that I met last week - Lori Nunn of Canmore, so I finally put pen to paper today and wrote this little number:

What's for Dinner?

My tummy is rumbling, I can't wait to get home
My bus driver's so slow, it's making me moan
We finally arrive at my stop, I'm elated
I near pass out in my driveway, but soon I'll be sated

I stumble in through the door and into the hall
I'm seeing stars on the ceiling, the stairs and the wall
I drag myself to the kitchen for a most tasty dish
But instead I am greeted with a plate full of fish!

I put my hand to my mouth, I think I might retch
I ran for the sink, which made a quick catch 
The problem is this, I don't like things new
I just like what I like, and lately that's stew

Bubbling and yummy and filled with good stuff
When stew's on the table I just can't get enough
My mom, she knows this, but she's giving me a 'look'
The one that means this: 'I'm no short order cook'

'But mom' I cry out, I'm starting to bawl
'You know that the stew makes me grow big and tall!
For the last time I ate it I grew a whole inch!'
(If you're short, you should try it, it was really a cinch)

So tonight I'll go hungry, at least 'till I check
Just what good this fish does, (what a pain in the neck)
With a growl in my tummy and a scowl on my face
I trudge up to my bedroom, my own special place

I turn on the computer and the screen comes aglow
And I click onto google, for they always know
I type in the word 'fish' and get 9 million hits
My mom's dinner plans are giving me fits!

I begin to click onto page after page
Pickeral, trout and red herrings are making me rage!
Salmon and scallops, well they start with 'S'
Doesn't make them worth eating, that is my guess

I keep on clicking and clicking until I suddenly stop
I don't even know which fish we have got!
'Mom' I yell down the stairs with a whine
'That gross fish that you're serving, do you know what kind?'

'Tuna!' she bellows, I can tell she's annoyed
'Well you should've served stew, which you know I enjoy!'
Still hungry as ever I returned to my work
My search was near over, I thought with a smirk

Aha! I did find it, the answer I sought
I found out exactly what's in that fish that we've got
'Oh wow!' I cried, 'Oh my, and Oh Gee!'
Did you know that tuna have high Vitamin B?

Now that I know this, I guess I can eat
I sure hope that this fish tastes better than feet
I sit down at the table, under mom's watchful gaze
My stubbornness no doubt, never ceasing to amaze

I took my first bite and I started to grin
After all, tunafish tastes kind of like chicken!
And chicken goes in stew, but I guess you knew that
So with glee I finished up, in no time flat

After the dishes, I headed on up to bed
With visions of tunafish, swimming in my head
The next day I awoke to a day that was sunny
But I noticed right away, that I felt a bit funny

My day was sure busy, which was just as well
I did great in math class and man could I spell!
I got all the answers right on a geography test
Which I usually don't, even when trying my best

I thought to myself, could it be, is it fact?
Can tunafish make you smarter like that?
If this is the case that I must not delay
I will trade in my stew for tuna today!

I got onto the bus, hungry as usual
I am dreaming of tunafish, starting to drool
At long last I am home, I leap like a frog!
But when I rushed through the door I found a.... hot dog?

Now, I know that this poem is slightly off topic - but I thought that I would share it anyway, hope you enjoyed it!

Marebear :P

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