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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Local Thrift Shops, Stellar Finds and more SEWING

So, I had some time yesterday (thanks to my super-amazing-baby-watcher Rachel!) and I was finally able to poke my head in the door of the two local thrift shops in Spruce Grove and Stony Plain.  At the Stony Plain shop, I bought:
  • A big farm for Chephren
  • Two puzzles for Chephren
  • Eight books for Chephren
All of this for guess how much?  GUESS?!  Only $8!!!!! (Which by the way, is what one of those books would have cost if it was 'new')

Then, I was extremely pleased with the United Church's Thrift store in Spruce Grove.  It was quite big and they had quite a bit of good 'stuff' there.  I managed to find a few huge pieces of fabric (for sewing, remember) and some other crafty stuff like yarn, string, etc.  So, I should be busy for the next little while trying to knit/sew my gifts for the next year.  Given the fact that I am new at the sewing thing, it might take me a while to get any good at it so I thought that I had better start on the Christmas gifts NOW!

Well, you won't believe what I woke up and did today?!  I got up and started sewing!  Like, with a MACHINE and everything!  And Trent wasn't even here to help me.  No one was actually.  Luckily, the color of thread that was already 'loaded' on the machine kind of worked for my project, because I have no idea how to change it (or anything else for that matter!).  All's I know is you push the little pedal and pull the fabric through and 'zing' - you're sewing!

I must say, the 'project' that I am working on is shaping up quite nicely, I will have to post pics as soon as they're done, which will hopefully be tonight sometime.

Cannot people realize how large an income is thrift? ~Cicero (Does this mean I am off the hook for working?!)

Peace n' love!
Marebear :)

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